Kuulvheysoon (IGN: Ariik) mans the Poison-type gym in S1, and awards the Venom Badge to trainers who suceed in defeating him.

Gym PokémonEdit


Gloria the Toxicroak


Spyke the Drapion


Mystique the Gengar




Dame Kofka the Weezing


Oedipus the Nidoking

Challenge TeamEdit


Bred Pokémon (All 4IV+)Edit

Bulbasaur (Modest Chlorophyll, Giga Drain)

Clamperl (Naive/Modest Shell Armor, Shell Smash)

Croagunk (Jolly Dry Skin, Bullet Punch/Drain Punch/Fake Out)

Feebas (Bold Swift Swim/Oblivious, Brine/Dragon Pulse)

Gastly (Timid, Fire Punch/Ice Punch/Thunder Punch)

Helioptile (Modest Dry Skin/Sand Veil/Solar Power, Glare)

Kling (Adamant/Jolly Clear Body)

Koffing (Bold, Pain Split)

Lapras (Modest Water Absorb, Ancient Power/Freeze Dry)

Lileep (Relaxed Storm Drain/Suction Cups, Mirror Coat/Recover/Stealth Rock)

Magnemite (Modest Analytic) 

Mudkip (Adamant/Impish Torrent, Yawn/Curse/Wide Guard/Avalanche) 

Nidoran (Modest/Timid Hustle, Beat Up) (both genders)

Riolu (Adamant/Jolly Inner Focus, Blaze Kick/Bullet Punch/Crunch/HJK)

Roselia (Timid Natural Cure, Spikes)

Rufflet (Jolly Hustle)

Scyther (Adamant Technicican, Defog)

Shinx (Jolly Intimidate/Guts, Fire Fang/Helping Hand/Ice Fang/Quick Attack)

Skorupi (Adamant Battle Armor, Whirlwind/confuse Ray)

Tentacool (Calm Liquid Ooze, Mirror Coat/Knock Off/Rapid Spin)

Venipede (Impish Speed Boost, Spikes/Toxic Spikes)

Venonat (Timid Tinted Lens, Baton Pass/Giga Drain/Morning Sun)

Weedle (Jolly Run Away, Bug Bite)

Currently On The Lookout For...Edit

Damp (HA) Mudkip

Swift Swim (HA) Anorith

Pumpkaboo (Tiny size)

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